Witold Stypa, creator of the cosmoreal perception and founder of the "Museum of Future", was born on the18th of June 1951, in Bytom in Poland. In 1985 he emigrated to Germany. Now he lives and works in Berlin. 

He studied design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow and later teached there. At the same time he worked as a free artist. Opposed to any kind of propaganda he succeded in realizing his artistic projects in socialist Poland. During that time he created big paintings on various house facades in Lublin and Bytom.

Witold Stypa is intensively engaged with astro- and quantum physics. In his works Stypa tries to visualize multidimensional processes.

Stypa wants to create a sensibility for the new and stimulate human imagination. In various perfomances and statements he emphasizes the impact of the non thinkable and the non-referential. His artwork and exhibitions in Germany and Europe are characterised by the search for "hidden dimensions".